At Porters Boutique Hotel, we take our environment and social responsibilities seriously.

We continually strive to ensure our hotel procedures are friendly to the environment as well as for the team and community. Following are some of the initiatives that have been introduced.

Option for guests to reuse towels to save water and reduce chemical detergents.

Use of bio-degradable cleaners within the Hotel for cleaning purposes.

Removal of single use bathroom amenities and replaced with refillable pump bottles.

Sensor lights installed throughout the Hotel.

Power saving devices installed in all guest rooms.

Reuse keycards after being sanitized.

Removal of low-grade water bottles from guest rooms and replaced with cans of water.

Daily recycling of cans, glass and plastic.

Eco bin liners are used within guest rooms.

Recycling bins are available within guest and conference rooms.

Reusable housekeeping cloths have been introduced.

A4 paper is recycled where possible and used as note pads within the office.

Use of glassware at the water dispenser.

No smoking policy throughout the Hotel.

On-site Tesla charging station available.

Supporting local business; Real World, Parkers, Bay Espresso, Hawthorne Coffee etc.